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Who am i?

Artist Bio ( Pronouns: She/Her )

My name is Reinaeiry (I know... it gets easier the more you say it)
but most people just call me Eiry (like Eh-Ree)

I'm a Singer/Songwriter who enjoys writing sappy love ballads as well as more theatrical pieces. I love to learn about all things creative and have experience in orchestration, writing, and illustration. 


I've developed a series on my YouTube channel called B.I.G or

"But It's Gay" where I cover well-loved songs - but with a sapphic twist! I've always longed for more positive WLW representation in mainstream music and figured if anyone was going to do it, it might as well start with me.

On a more personal note,

I love spending quality time with my loved ones, just chatting and enjoying their company. I especially love my little cat - Eddy

(He's 10 years old as I'm writing this! What an old fart.)

I also enjoy looking mysterious at local cafés with a chunky, cheesy, romance YA book in hand, sipping drinks that will probably give me cavities in a few years. Oh well.

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